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Ruth is a Glasgow based art department assistant who graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2019 where she studied BA Production Arts & Design, specialising in Set & Costume Design. She is interested in roles as an Art Department Assistant or Graphics Assistant on HETV and Film productions, or as an Art Director on Commercials, Music Videos and Shorts. She is flexible and willing to relocate for work where necessary.

Her recent work includes: 
The Buccaneers | Apple TV | Art Dept. Assistant | APR - DEC 2022
Our Carnal Hearts | Mull Theatre | Set & Costume Designer | FEB -APR 2022

Odd Socks | Puppet Animation Festival | Set & Costume Designer | AUG 21 - APR 22
Every Brilliant Thing | Mull Theatre | Set & Costume Designer | OCT - NOV 2021
GIRL | Barry Crerar | Feature Film | Art Dept. Trainee | AUG - OCT 2021

Ruth Darling
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